Price: £1,132.40
Ex VAT:£943.67
Product Code: Daylight

The daylight Summerhouse has a sturdy compact design that fits unobtrusively int your garden. Create your own little haven of tranquility with this stylish and traditional summerhouse. The perfect choice for a hobby room or a place to relax and unwind. Quality features include triple panr full height double doors with antique hinges and ornate handle with a 3 lever lock . 2 triple pane fixed windows to the front and 2 triple pane windows with top openers to the side

Framing 38mm x 50mm

Eaves 1865mm

Ridge 8' - 2466mm

10' - 2580mm

12' - 2700mm

Windows 1622mm x 425mm toughened glass

Double doors 1790mm x 1103mm toughened glass

Roof overhang 1' - 305mm

2'6" verandah(optional)




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