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Activity Play Chips 10-40mm
Activity Play Chips are ideal for use as a protective surface in children's play areas; for use in p..
Ex VAT: £60.83
Ballast - Sand and Gravel Mix
Concreting Ballast 0-20mm.   Our concreting ballast, a mixture of sand and gravel, ..
Ex VAT: £15.42
Brown Rock Salt
ur pure brown rock salt is ideal for de-icing roads, driveways and footpaths.    Thi..
Ex VAT: £2.92
Building Sand - Grey
Our Grey Building Sand is ideal for brick and blockwork.   Appears orange/red in colour b..
Ex VAT: £17.50
Building Sand - Yellow
Our yellow building sand is ideal for brick and blockwork.   This sand is yello..
Ex VAT: £1.45
25kg Cement High Performance Cement for concrete, mortars, renders and screeds. Superior wor..
Ex VAT: £38.33
Cheshire Pink 14mm
Cheshire Pink is one of our most popular gravels. The mix of rounded and angular stones give the i..
Ex VAT: £2.92
Cotswold 20mm
The creamy buff colour of Cotswold brings a fresh look to any type of garden: traditional, contempor..
Ex VAT: £2.92
Dove Grey Limestone 10mm
One of our most popular gravel products, Dove Grey Limestone, provides a functional backdrop to an..
Ex VAT: £2.92
Dove Grey Limestone 20mm
The big brother of the 10mm version, this Dove Grey Limestone offers the same functional proper..
Ex VAT: £2.33
Economy Ornamental Bark Mulch 10-30mm
A functional bark mulch, consisting of mixed conifer bark chips, that will improve the loo..
Ex VAT: £60.83
Fairway Firechip 0-8mm
As its name suggests Fairway Firechip is Firery red in colour – guaranteed to add design interest ..
Ex VAT: £3.13
Fairway Gold
A beautiful golden stone chip with brilliant binding properties giving Fairway Gold a self-compactin..
Ex VAT: £2.92
Golden Gravel 10mm
Golden Gravel is a very popular product due to its attractive blend of colours and shapes. &nbs..
Ex VAT: £2.92
Golden Gravel 20mm
Golden Gravel is a very popular product due to its attractive blend of colours and shapes. &nbs..
Ex VAT: £2.33
Green Granite 14-20mm
If you’re looking for something a bit different then why not use 14-20mm Green Gr..
Ex VAT: £2.62
Green Slate 40mm
Green slate will naturally enhance the look of plants or shrubs so is ideal for use in borders. &..
Ex VAT: £2.49
Green Slate Rockery C250mm
Green Slate Rockery Pieces make a lovely addition to any garden. Each piece being u..
Ex VAT: £45.00
Hessian Sandbags filled with approx 16kg of sand, are made from woven jute, this is a natural f..
Ex VAT: £62.50
Horticultural Grit 2-6mm
Our Horticultural Grit has excellent drainage properties, ideal for mixing with heavy soils or toppi..
Ex VAT: £2.92